Wrecked Minecraft Map Downloads:
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Over the years our website has changed so many times there were periods where the Wrecked map downloads were not available. Well now you can download them at your leisure below.

Unfortunately due to the maps being made for older Minecraft versions, they may not be 100% compatible with the latest Minecraft version - But you can always load up an older Minecraft patch & enjoy the maps!

Due to popular demand & requests everyday for us to bring it back, Survival Island Modded will be returning with some BIG twists. Not only will the map be different but we will also be changing the mods & adding some extra twists and turns along the way!

Trying to be different from season 1 we looked for mods which will not only create realism for being stranded on a survival island, but also new things to mix things up and add some cool technology, danger & aesthetics.

The map starts with us losing control of our aircraft during a ferocious storm. Waking up after the storm we have limited time to gather some resources & begin creating a shelter before night falls. We soon find that the island holds more secrets than one might expect.

There will also be extra interactive elements added to the series. Puzzles, Riddles & codes will be posted on the XG website for survival helpers to solve helping Danny &...

Due to popular demand & requests everyday for us to bring it back, Survival Island will be returning with some BIG twists. Not only will the map be different but we will also be adding 14+ mods to the series!

We looked for mods which will create realism to being stranded on a survival island, things like hunting & trap mods, camp fires, rope ladders, thirst & a mod which causes food to decay if not eaten quickly.

The map starts with us being washed up on shore with our boat on fire. We have limited time to salvage as much as we can from our ship before it is completely set alight. We soon find out that we aren't alone on the island.

Episode 1 - Shipwrecked: Click Here

Summary - Washed up on a tropical island with their boat on fire & only a few survivors Danny & Andre salvage their belongings & begin to set up a camp. Things seem to be...
Hey everyone,
Over the past few months I have heard from multiple people that they were unable to register on the old website. Well today we have upgraded to the same software that many popular minecraft communities use & this should not only be more reliable, but also more familiar & user friendly.

If you are already a member, here are some important things you should know:
  1. You will need to reset your password to be able to login to the website. To reset your e-mail go to the login screen & click 'Reset my password'. If you don't get a reset e-mail please check your spam box, or try to reset it again.
  2. All user Avatars were unable to be moved across, so you will need to take 30 seconds to re-upload one.
  3. As there was a lot of untidy signatures on the old website due to the software move, and with a lot of them being too big & taking up too much space, we erased previous signatures. If you wish to recreate a signature, please don't make it huge...
Hey everyone!
Thanks to all the support from players on the server, visiters to the website & also all the donations & VIP purchases. We have added a brand new plugin to the server to try and assist players in sorting their inventory, chests & easilly instantly deposit their inventory into near by chests automatically!
I don't know if you have been watching the livestream but my chests were untidy & took a long time to find items, organise them & find what I was looking for. Obviously if you don't want your inventory organised, chests organised & to depost items with 1 simple command, you can easilly disable it!

/DepositAll to instantly dump all your loot into all the right chests. Finds all chests (within one chunk of your location) that you have permission to open and automatically deposits any items from your back pack (not your hotbar) which match items in those chests. Just set up your chests with sample items, and...
Hey everyone
We now have a very special plugin on the server which allows EVERYONE to have pets. At first it was just going to be a perk for VIP users but I thought that was unfair & so made pets available to everyone, but flying ones & horses to VIP users. That way everyone can have an awesome companion to travel & live with, ride & use as a hat, plus VIP's get something a little extra as a thank you for supporting the Server & website.
To get started with pets all you need to do is type /pets help & it will tell you all you need to know!
If you want to spawn in the Pet Selection tool just type /pet selector - This tool lets you easilly spawn & control pets.
Hey everyone,


Survival Island is coming to an end and will probably reach at least episode 100! Not only was it one of our most popular series ever, but it is also the longest beating Tekkit at 94 episodes!


So you may be asking yourself, what next? Is Minecraft Shizzle coming back as series 2? Well you heard it here first, Minecraft Shizzle is returning but with some huge, massive, gigantic changes.


  1. We are probably going to be re-branding the series to 'Minecraft Kingdoms' or something different to 'Minecraft Shizzle'.
  2. It will be played on a custom survival/factions/rpg Multiplayer server.
  3. We will be keeping ALL current progress such as buildings & hopefully items.
  4. Viewers will be able to play on the server at any time they like.
  5. There will be NPC's such as Blacksmiths etc. that players can interact with.
  6. The series will have custom mobs & bosses.
  7. A Questing system is also in development for the server so could...
While looking at the old forum rules thread it was determined that they needed to be updated. The thread was titled "non-official" and was referencing things that are not even used on these forums anymore. Shown below are all forum rules.

  1. Do not spam (this includes advertising)
  2. Do not harass other users on the forums or server
  3. Use appropriate language only
  4. Do not attempt to impersonate a staff member or admin or claim to be a staff member or admin when you are not
  5. Do not Attempt to hack or gain access to anyone's account
  6. Do not make multiple accounts
  7. Be Respectful of all XG Staff and of all community members
  8. If you have any issue on the forums or the server please talk to any of the XG Staff Members (list below)
  9. XG Staff can make additions to the rules if a need is determined, however, staff is also obligated to make a post on this thread pointing out the update.
  10. Do not post advertising a "fan server" there is only one XG server that can...
Hey everyone,

Just to let you know that we have two new T-Shirts. One of the is based on me with a fire theme & the other shirt is based on Andre with a bucket theme!

You can check out the previews below & here are the shop links:

US Store: http://xeraingaming.spreadshirt.com

UK Store: http://xeraingaming.spreadshirt.co.uk

EU Store: http://xeraingaming-eu.spreadshirt.net

Hey everyone!


I just wanted to let you all know about the brand new Chroma Hills RPG survival server. It has literally just opened today so you can all be the first to try it all out!


Let them know XerainGaming sent you, have fun & group together to enjoy the dangerous lands.


Server ip: chromahills.net


What is the server?:

Based on the resource pack using the popular Factions game mode with an awesome helping Of RPGness!


A very unique adventure themed spawn, rich In fantastic detail and design! 1000's of kilometers of beautiful unique terrain Over 250 custom biomes! Discover buildings, Features & landmarks!


One of the biggest custom worlds to grace minecraft. Huge giants roam the lands ready to stomp those who dare challenge them! Create and brew your own ales, beers and much more! Careful though don't drink too much!


Over 6,000,000,000,000,000 (now that's a lot) types of item spawn; some revealing the history of the world! Carry...